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Monday, February 9, 2009


I got my hair cut today. I am much happier with this stylist--she actually trimmed my hair up once before when my regular stylist didn't cut it short enough in the back. I will definitely go back to this one from now on! I am up for feedback--good or bad. Do you think it works with my face shape, or does it make my face look fat? I need honesty. I have a hard time making decisions. Thank you!

Side view. I like how it gets shorter in the back. ;)
PS: I am not ready to cut Andrew's hair (yet), so don't bring it up! LOL...sore subject between the in-laws and me.


Rachel said...

I love your haircut, I think it compliments your face and your personality perfectly. :)

Birdee said...

Okay, I analyzed your haircut and here is my honest opinion (ready for this? Lol - keep in mind, Im in a analyzing writing class this semister AND went through Beauty school)

First, for your face shape, this is a very complimentary cut, the sides go down just to the jaw line - which doesnt work on everyone,, you have a nice chin and neck that doesnt tuck in or sag (like mine) what I mean by sag is not old lady sag, but your skin under your chin goes straight back and not slope at a diagonal which wouldnt work becaust the hair is cut at a diagonal and would only emphacise a diagonal chin (again like mine), and you have a thin neck (vs someone like me who has a thick neck - this hair cut would only emphacize that and look aweful) Your face profile is also straight, you dont have a protruding nose and sunken in forhead and chin - or visa versa, which straight is ideal for any haircut really - but it is complimented with the straight hair around your face. You have great skin tone so the color looks realy healthy and nice up against your face, neck and have your back exposed. You dont seam to slouch (Not perfect posture slouch, but some people have a natural rounded slouch in their shoulders with a slight hump in the back of their neck - even when they are standing straight)

This Is one of my favorite hair cuts - and yet one that most people cang get away with, yet you pull if off beautifully.

I love the A line and stack in the back, ad's body and volume, gives it a very sexy appeal and yet still modest.

I think your H-O-T!

As far as your little dragon - you should see the pictures of my son just a short year ago (there are probably some on my other blog) his hair was so long, people keept calling him a girl, but we mom's love our kid's hair.
Being in beauty school, I've seen tons of mom's finally bringing in their little boys for their first haircut and most had long (curly or straight) hair, Once you cut that off, they dont look like your baby anymore =(

Anonymous said...

I just came over from Empty Nesting's blog...to tell you...I LOVE that haircut! I've been dying to cut my hair short and I think I want something similar to your new 'do. Very pretty!

Sarah said...

holy crap jewels! wow! My opinion isnt nearly as analytical as hers- but I love it! And I think you are H-O-T too.

Catie said...

Looks gorgeous! And don't worry about not wanting to cut Andrew's hair, he's still gorgeous!

Sarah said...

Holy crap Jewels is right--sheesh! :)

Thank you for all your comments, ladies! Hubbies suck for this very reason--absolutely no honest feedback, and they don't even notice half the time when you DO get it cut.

Rachel said...

LOL- Sometimes (ok this actually happens like OFTEN) I will ask Tim what I should do with my hair. "Whatever you want, it's up to you". DUH I KNOW THAT. I am asking your OPINION. This means I want to know what you think, it doesn't mean that I will do just as you say. I just want some feedback so I can make an informed decision. I KNOW ITS UP TO ME, IT IS MY HEAD.

Men are so lame.

Oh and then the best part- I'll get it done and say "do you like it?" and he goes "Yeah, it's fine."

Fine? That's the best you can do? *sigh*

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