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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Climbing mountains...

or kitchen tables...


Rachel said...

I'm sorry. I feel personally responsible, as I looked at the archives on the computer and found the following IM conversation between Keegan and Andrew.

MonKeegan: Hey dude you still up?

Dragon: Yeah man! How's it going?

MonKeegan: Pretty good. Had a pretty busy day. Drank some milk, took a couple naps, fought with my sister. How about you?

Dragon: Had a good day, man! I've been climbing on stuff all day, I love climbing stuff.

MonKeegan: OH! Speaking of climbing, I made my mom freak OUT today, it was so awesome.

Dragon: Oh yeah, what'd you do?

MonKeegan: I climbed up on the dining room table. Dude. It was so rad. You should have seen my mom's face.

Dragon: OH MAN! LOL! I have got to try that! I am so going to do that.

MonKeegan: Yeah man and then once you're up there, stand up. HAAHHAHA and then check out your mom's face. She'll be like 'whoa!'.

Dragon: Right on, dude. OK- well, I am pretty tired, I better get to bed. Need some good energy tomorrow for climbing.

MonKeegan: OK man, have fun on the table tomorrow! TTYL!

Dragon: TTYL! :)

So... sorry. Keegan is totally grounded from IM right now.

Rachel said...

Oh, and- we just bought those same jammies like last week. Clearance, $2 for the pack of 2! Score!

nancy said...

oh my goodness. I can't believe I'm going to have a little BOY like that too. Seeing pictures of Andrew makes me so excited!!!!

Sarah said...

LOL, Rachel....

And Nancy--boys are so much fun! OMG, this one is both hilarious and affectionate--a great combination.