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Friday, February 22, 2008

Andrew is afraid of strangers...

It started a little while back when Uncle Jeff (my brother) held Andrew. He was talking to him and everything was kosher until about 30 seconds later...Andrew got a HUGE pout on his face and started bawling. Big, crocodile tears were running down his cheeks. I went to hold him and he was; of course, fine. I had Andrew in my lap and I had Jeff sit next to us on the couch and Jeff was able to talk to Andrew then, from a safe distance.

So, last weekend, the Fam (Daddy, Mommy, and Andrew) went on a trip (trip here = a whole 2 hours away) to Madison. We booked a hotel for Friday night. It was a lot of fun, especially soaking in the hot tub (we brought Andrew down by the hot tub in his carseat and took turns watching him).

Anyway, we decided to go to the mall. I thought it'd be fun to wear Andrew in the Snugli carrier. After all, I was in Madison...a lot of baby-wearing types live there and I could feel cool too. I got Andrew strapped into the carrier (facing out because he's a big boy now), wrapped a warm blankie around him (it was pretty cold out), and we ran into the mall. Not a minute into our walk, he started doing his cry that he does for strangers. I guess there were too many unfamiliar faces around us! He was just wailing! We had to stop and sit down at a bench to take him out of the carrier. People were staring at us. I just smiled at them and comforted Andrew. He was fine when he could see us again. I guess he doesn't like facing out!

The next morning, the Fam decided to go down to the continental breakfast (score!). I was talking to this really nice lady who was also eating there. She said that she and her husband were in town to visit with their granddaughter. She was talking to Andrew and telling him how cute he was and finally asked if she could hold him. I told her she could and she started talking to him. Ten seconds later: you guessed it. Crying! The pout is so cute though. I need to snap a picture of it!

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