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Friday, February 1, 2008

Changing right before our eyes!

At this point in the game, Andrew was approaching 3 months and changing so fast. We were amazed while looking at his newborn pics how much he had grown! He reached a few milestones: laughing, getting teeth, and being happy at more times of the day! We also took him off the Zantac. It's so weight-sensitive and we had to adjust the dose a couple times already. We didn't see a marked difference in fussiness in our trial runs off, so we decided to be done with it. Forcing down meds twice a day when we didn't even know if it was helping or not was not fun!

1st time in the Bumbo seat: he was almost 3 months here, and not too impressed!

His first laughs...

Mommy and her baby:
First teeth! 3 days after he turned three months, the bottom 2 teeth came in. My mom said we were early teethers, but not this early!

Daddy and Andrew (there's that ugly camo coat again!)

This is one of my favorite pics of him:

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