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Saturday, February 2, 2008

We have ourselves a little charmer!

So, today the weather was nice (30s, instead of the recent sub-zero temperatures) so the three of us decided to venture out. The usual Saturday routine is to lounge around the house in the morning and then get ready for the day and go shopping (usually just grocery shopping at Woodman's, and making a couple other stops too). Every single store we went in, at least one person stopped to talk to Andrew. He gave big smiles and squealed (pretty loud) back to all of them. I thought to myself how nice it is that he's happier now, a nice change from his colicky days.

When we were in Festival (a grocery store, for those of you not familiar with this area), we were in the check-out line and the guy behind us (a burly man in his 40s) asked with a friendly chuckle, "how much does he cost?". Then he proceeded to talk to him, all the while Andrew giggling and squealing. It was so cute. I love guys like this--friendly, approachable, and not too uppity to talk to kids. A side note here: Andrew is reaching the age where he's starting to cry when held by unfamiliar faces. He knows my brother, Jeff, but isn't used to being held by him on a daily basis. The other day we were visiting at Grandma Sandy's house and Jeff was holding Andrew talking to him. All of a sudden the big pout formed and Andrew started wailing away. He wasn't happy until he was back in my arms. We sat down on the couch and I had Jeff talk to him while I held Andrew and then it was fine. A little later we attempted to hand him over to Jeff and; again, crying ensued. Last night we were at my BIL's house and both my 17-year-old nephew and my BIL got the crying treatment when they held Andrew. It's funny because there's about a 30 second delay before he realizes he's not in the safety of Mommy or Daddy's arms.

Moral of the story: as long as these other people who are not Mommy or Daddy talk to Andrew at a distance, everything is cool. The little dragon is free to interact with these strange creatures.

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