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Friday, February 1, 2008

The early days...

I'll share some pics of Andrew up until this point so that I'm all up-to-date!

his hospital pic:

These next 3 are from our first day home. He's wearing a preemie outfit because he was so small! I can't believe how tiny he was. Look at his little head compared to my arm.

I love his little feet! It was really warm out this day, as I recall.

He was just so cute all snuggled up in his bassinet!

He looked so tiny!

Our first family portrait at home (thank you, camera timer and tripod)!

His first bath at 2 weeks (when the umbilical stump fell out). He loved the warm water!

We were all dressed up to go to our friends' wedding. He was exactly 4 weeks old in this pic.

One month old (I loved this little outfit on him)....
To sum up the early days, it all went by so fast. The breastfeeding went very well. He was a good latcher and I think my only struggles were probably the first few days. It just took a couple tries to get him on. Once he figured it out, it was awesome. He was up a lot at night, which I expected. He would wake up to eat about every 2 hours at night, and sometimes fed on the hour during the day. We enjoyed the nice end-of-summer/fall weather and took a lot of walks with the stroller.

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