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Friday, February 1, 2008

Fussy baby, anyone?

I bought the Medela Pump-in-Style breast pump after reading tons of reviews. This one seemed to be highly recommended. I knew that when I returned to work, I would need a pump that could quickly extract my liquid gold as fast as possible without hurting my mammaries. :) We started Andrew on a bottle at 4 weeks, once a day. I would pump while Daddy gave the bottle so that my supply would stay up. The first few went pretty well. We had Daddy give them so that way he would hopefully associate Daddy with the bottle and Mommy with the Boobie. A few days in, I even hung out in the same room and watched Andrew happily suck down a bottle from Daddy. I thought, "this is awesome!". About 3 weeks in, he decided he hated the bottle. He screamed when it came close to his face. He even hit it away with his hands! We tried different bottles, different nipples, me feeding, Daddy feeding with Mommy out of the housee, Daddy feeding with Mommy in the house. We tried it where we'd let him fuss long enough and figure he'd eventually get hungry enough for it, which resulted in extreme crying and us feeling guilty.

Another issue started at 3 weeks. Andrew started projectile vomiting entire feedings. Needless to say, he was always on the Boob (any feeding that was lost, I replaced with another nursing). He cried A LOT. A lot, a lot, a lot. He didn't throw up all his feedings, but I would say it happened a couple of times a week. He would definitely spit up with every feeding. We started keeping him upright for30 minutes after a feeding, and that did help with some of it.

We took him in at 6 weeks. The doctor asked if he seemed to be less fussy when bounced or in the car, to which we replied, "yes". He said he thought Andrew was colicky, and we could try Zantac twice a day and treat him for GERD. The Zantac seemed to help a little bit with the fussiness, but not necessarily stop the puking.
If he wasn't being bounced in the bouncy, he was crying. Needless to say, this bouncy seat became our best friend. I love this pic of him. The look on his face is priceless!
We went for a hike on this nice, fall day (movement = sleeping = happy baby)!
He liked the swing for about 2 weeks before he decided the swing was evil (bouncy trumps swing)!

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