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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

More teeth!

For the past week or so, Andrew has been teething (again...his bottom two teeth cut through when he turned 3 months). He's been very fussy, drooling like crazy, gnawing on everything, spitting up more, and crying out in his sleep (this is so sad!). I've been holding him a lot because he seems very clingy. If I can distract him with my love, why not? :)

Anyway, I have been watching the teeth try to come through. They almost look like canker sores on his gums (ouch) and you can see the white tooth beneath the surface. Anyway, last night I go to check-out what I thought was just the two top teeth, and I see that there's a third one coming through too!

I sent Rob to the store to get some Hyland's Teething Tablets. I've heard good things about them and it's worth a try. The Tylenol just doesn't seem to be "cutting" it (no pun intended).

I can't believe that by the end of this week (probably) the little guy is going to have 5 teeth. He's only 5 months old!

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nancy said...

You know, I've been confused by the Sarah's. I have totally seen your comments before (and thank you very much!) but I thought I had already been reading your blog and this one doesn't look familiar at all to me. Darn - I'm sorry. I would have commented way before!

Cool on the dream. I have dreams w/ people I know/kinda know ALL the time. I have lots of dreams w/ work people too - which is kinda creepy to share with them because I work with all guys. I tell them I had a dream about them and they immediately think I'm having THOSE kind of dreams!

Your andrew is a cutie! and such a wonderful birthdate! 8/25 was my due date with Allison, but I had her 8/23. So "8/25" was in my head for eons.

Wow - that was a lot to write while having the bubonic plague! (is that the one squirrels carry? cause you know, I was bitten by one. I'll leave that for my next blog!)