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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Definitely nauseated.

It started last Thursday, and I wasn't really sure, but now I can tell. If I don't constantly snack (and fewer things are sounding good to me--just crossed cheese off my list), my stomach feels so sick.

What do I want right now? A nice salad with some french dressing. We need to go grocery shopping as soon as DH gets home from getting some dirt. I'm afraid by then I'll be too sick. He doesn't understand, either. He thinks I need to plan ahead and figure out what I'm going to eat ahead of time. Blech.

With Andrew, I never had it this bad during the day--it was always at night. This time around, I'm feeling pretty yucky all day.

Okay, I have to stop. I can't keep typing about this because it's making my stomach turn even more.

Andrew is watching 60 Minutes with me right now. I think it's because they're talking about an "Eeeeee" (airplane).


Rachel said...

Oh, girl! It sucks but it's an excellent sign.

I am having sympathy nausea for you today. THAT is why I hate pregnancy. You have to eat or you feel like hurling, but you feel so much like hurling that nothing sounds good. URGH! And things you normally love sound repulsive. Like, you know my crush on bacon- when I was pregnant with Keegan, I couldn't be near bacon. Pregnancy is weird, man.

Catie said...

I can empathize, that's how I had it with Lex. I generally kept around my usual favorites and then would only have to venture out for the things that were off the wall.

Sarah said...

The bean inside me told me to get some lettuce for a salad. So I did, and it was a small salad, but my stomach feels slightly better. I also decided I needed some pears--DH, the pear expert, said nothing good is in season now, so we went for a couple of glass jars of pears. They look good, but I think I'll just wait until I'm a little bit hungry again.

Sarah said...

Rachel, really crisp bacon actually sounds good--cheese does not.

Birdee said...

It’s funny how that teeny tiny thing can cause such big havoc. YAY for m/s but I hope you get feeling better soon.