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Monday, July 20, 2009

So sick of hacking!

We have the damn Swine Flu. Well, not really, but DH seems to think he had it (of course, since he had fever and chills with his cold, it had to be swine flu, right?). Anyway, I've been hacking non-stop, sneezing like crazy, and all this was after I had just gotten over another cold. Last Friday I remember thinking, "hmmm...my cold is pretty much gone. Yay!" and then the very next day I woke up with a sore throat. At least Andrew was starting to seem better last night. I did nothing but wipe his nose all weekend long.

Andrew got a haircut yesterday! We cut more off than we did last time, so it made me a little sad to see all that pretty blonde hair fly away in the wind (we cut it on my grandparents' deck). I didn't save it because we saved it from the first haircut. My little boy is looking so big! :*(

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Musical Daddy said...

Isn't it awful, how you can pass the same cold around the house, like, four or five times?