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Friday, July 24, 2009

Got the crib dilemma solved.

Okay, so a couple weeks back, you probably saw my post regarding the Simplicity crib recall. I took it back to Shopko without a receipt and got the full $147 refunded to me.

I thought I'd get Andrew sleeping on a "big boy" bed, but in the back of my mind, I knew he wasn't the type to stay in bed. No big deal, I figured, I'd just let him get used to the idea and eventually he'd figure it out. WRONG-O! Try Andrew running for the door, crying, and banging his head on the door so hard, he left bruises. Dang, this kid is fierce!

So, I needed to find a crib. I've been looking on Craigslist and whatnot, but really can't find anything to suit my needs. Yes, I'm being cheap and not buying a new one, because, well, all the ones that are nice are significantly more than what I got back for the first one. I didn't really feel like paying more, and DH was like, "let's just wait".

DH had another idea: that he'd find plans online and just build one. By the time he gets around to that, Baby #2 will be in kindergarten. Plus (and I hate to admit it), DH takes shortcuts and I would be afraid of the crib being ghetto if he built it. It's a baby's life we're talking about, so it damn well better be perfectly and safely constructed.

So, my mom was aware of this dilemma and she called my sister-in-law-to-be (1 week to the wedding), who works at Once Upon a Child (Asst. Store Manager) and asked her what they had. They happened to have a wooden 3-in-one crib (cherry-colored) and with her discount, it'd be $85.

I ran over on my lunch (oh, the convenience of living in "Small City", WI and being able to get several things done on a 1/2 hour lunch break) and took a look and the crib is in good shape. There was just one scratch on it, but it would be on the back side by the wall, and who really cares.

I paid for it and will go pick it up after work (I didn't have time to wait for them to disassemble it).

No, Andrew won't be in a crib forever, but this is worth my sanity to have him in there until approximately December. He went from being this angel toddler who went to bed awake, smiling at his Baby Einstein fish toy, to a demon self-hurting, angry child who is once again being nursed to sleep in my bed.

Here's to having a new crib!!! :)


Jen said...

Uhm...question for you. Where do you live where there is a Shopko? I went to school in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and there was a Shopko there and I LOVED that store!! I mean I really LOVED it!!

Sarah said...

Jen, I am in Southwestern Wisconsin. We have 3 Shopkos in our town, actually. :)

Rachel said...

WOO! What a deal! I really wish we had a Once Upon A Child here.

Well, you probably remember our experience with the toddler bed. Hailey went easily into the toddler bed the day she turned 2, never had a problem, never got out of it, etc. Keegan... well, I think he's going to be in his crib for some time. He is an excellent sleeper in his crib but just like Andrew with the toddler bed, he was up out of it screaming and banging on the door, etc. Granted, we tried way early with the toddler bed, but I don't think we're even going to try again until he's at least 2 1/2.

Jessi said...

Awesome deal! And think of it this way:

By the time that baby is here and ready to sleep in the crib, he'll probably be ready for a toddler bed!