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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I threw up immediately after brushing my teeth last night, and the same thing happened this morning (only it was dry heaving because there was nothing to throw up).

I am going after work today to pick up a different flavor than mint, because right now I just can't handle it. Maybe cinnamon?

In other news, I will be 7 weeks tomorrow, and then one more week until I am 8 weeks. If I can make it past 8 weeks, I will make it past the point I did last time, which will be huge.

Then my ultrasound is Tuesday, 7/21, a day before I make 9 weeks.

In other news, Andrew is really cute. During the fireworks the other night, he said "blue" when there was a blue one (after the intital 10 minutes of a death squeeze in my arms; can't blame him--first fireworks and we were actually IN the park they were at). The other day he also called his blueberries, "purpoh", which is his attempt at purple. Very, very cute.

He is battling pinkeye right now, although his eye isn't actually pink. He had some goopy eye boogers coming out of his eye, and it wouldn't stop leaking (his eye was crying), so I had taken him in on the 4th, only to discover that they closed down the walk-in pediatric clinic two weeks prior, not that it would have mattered since it was a holiday. So, into the ER we went, because urgent care wasn't available on a holiday. It wasn't busy at all (I went in the morning so to beat the people coming in with missing limbs due to firework mishaps). The doctor was nice and said he definitely had an upper respiratory infecetion (cold)--he was rattly, so I was worried it was in his chest (doc said his lungs sounded great), but that he did have pinkeye. He prescribed some antibiotic eyedrops that are to be instilled 4 times daily. The infection is in the right eye too now, so now I added the drop in the other eye too yesterday (doc said this would happen because kids rub their eyes and don't know boundaries, and it's so contagious). I'm rambling. I realize that. Today he was lethargic, lying on the floor crying (DH called me at work to tell me this). He's been running a low-grade fever for several days and is drooling like crazy (not sure why, since all 20 teeth are in and have been in for some time). He loves getting his eyedrops, by the way. NOT! I bribe him, at least with the morning one, by giving him his gummy vites after. Not that it prevents him from screaming his head off, as I restrain his arms and pry open his lids to get those drops in.

Anyway, this all came about after his 2nd visit to daycare; the first visit resulted in two weeks of diarrhea and vomiting, which eventually resulted in an IV infusion for dehydration (I still say it was Rotavirus, although they didn't officially diagnose it).

So yeah, after the 2nd trip to daycare resulted in this, DH just doesn't trust that they clean/sanitize anything in that house (which, they may not--they have a TON of toys and it is an in-home daycare--they have 3 kids of their own). They have kids coming and going at all times of the day, even though there are usually no more than 3-4 in addition to their own.

So, unless they "bleach the entire house", as DH puts it, Andrew won't be going back. It's too much stress dealing with him getting sick and staying sick. Not to mention, both of these times haven't been innocent colds, but have required trips to the walk-in. I understand "building the immune system" and all; I get that. However, my mom was home with us until kindergarten and I just got the normal colds and my immune system obviously did well. I wasn't overly sick as a kid--sure, I had my migraines, but I really was a pretty healthy kid. I think things will be easier on a 4 or 5 year old, once he goes to pre-school/kindergarten, than they will on a little guy. This has just been like clockwork--two days after attending daycare, he gets sick. His eyes are "sick" looking when he is sick, he always seems to run that fever, and he is really whiny and clingy. His appetite has sucked for the past week. Ugh.

That said, we did meet one of the daycare helpers--she happens to be the daughter of a co-worker here. She's a sweet girl, I believe she's 15 or 16, and her name is Emily. Apparently, when Andrew was sad, he went right past the daycare provider lady and straight to Emily, with his arms stretched out. Emily is wanting to baby-sit Andrew and she tells her mom how cute he is and about all these little words he uses (she thought it was cute that for "juice", he says "jew"). She just adores him. She also lives in our town (we're considered a town, and we're not part of the "big" city that is my city name, so to speak). So, if we want to go out to dinner some night, Emily lives 3 minutes away.

In addition to that, Andrew has always done well at my mom's and she is scheduled to take him 2 more days this summer. Even with Mikala there (my brother's daughter who is 3), Andrew stays healthy and has never caught any mutant diseases there. I should add that DH would much rather have a day with Andrew than a day to himself, rather than a day "off", only to have a whiny and sick Andrew for the next 1-2 weeks.

Whew, that was long! I applaud you if you actually read it all!


Morgan Owens said...

YAY for being 7 weeks!! And poor Andrew with the pink eye, bless his heart! Hope he gets to feeling better!

Toothpaste made me sick when I was pregnant too, I had to switch to childrens kind just so I could brush my teeth without gagging! It helps!

Catie said...

Toothpaste was the bane of my existance, I gag normally when brushing anyway it was worse when pg.

I would definitely ask how often they sanitize toys and such. Lex's daycare does it at least once a week unless they have a little one that they have to send home, then the teachers stay late and clean all the toys same day.

Molly said...

I'd be pretty ticked off about this; no way should he go back there. Of course D can't go to daycare, not that he would, but any place that takes care of kids, home or center, has to be on top of cleaning toys. Many friends whose kids go to daycare report that the teachers are always cleaning stuff off, because kids put things in their mouths.

Rachel said...

Poor widdle guy! I can commiserate, I am so tired of Keegan being sick! I don't even know where he's picking these germs up, he hasn't been to the gym daycare for well over a month now. It's got to be the Wal-Mart cart or something. I used to wipe down the handle with an alcohol wipe but that doesn't do much good since he usually insists on being in the basket instead of the seat, I can't sanitize the whole cart. I think I'll start making him wear mittens at the store... LOL!