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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My little blueberry boy!

Andrew LOVES blueberries. They had pints on sale for $.99 each at the grocery store, so we grabbed four of them. Andrew ate half a pint himself last night! He actually got mad at me when I ate one of them. Fresh blueberries are much better than the frozen ones!


Anonymous said...

A boy after my own heart...I LOVE, LOVE blueberries!! :-)

Birdee said...

Wow, he's looking go "Big Boy" there.
I love fresh fruit, and blue berries ROCK, ever notice how they are like mini plums? There not even blue on the inside like they are when there canned.

nancy said...

I seriously loathe blueberries. So I'll give my share to Mister Andrew.

In looking at your tickers, I see you still breastfeed Andrew. How much do you still nurse? Have you noticed a change in your milk since you got pregnant?

Sarah said...

Ugh, yes. We, or should I say he, has no interest in weaning. Maybe I'm a pushover, but I have a hard time saying no. I have seen a definite drop in supply. The first week after I found out, I couldn't even squeeze sprays out! It was like maybe a drip, if that. He was switching back and forth looking for milk (kind of sad...I thought he might just wean then). Then the supply picked up again, but only a little. Just now, I squeezed, and only a drop out of each one. Not three sprays like I used to get.

He feeds when I get home from work (this is his one where he acts like he'll die if he doesn't get it), the one before bed (it's brief), and then one, sometimes two, feedings at night (no more than 5 minutes). So, we're at 3-4 feedings a day. I would really like 2 to be my outer limit, and taht is arriving on August 25th.

I think he knows something is up though, because every feeding he spends 30 seconds on each one before switching back to the other, repeating this process about 20 times.