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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Six weeks today!

I'm six weeks today. On the very bottom of the page, I have my tickers...isn't the Pregnology ticker so cute?! I love it. It's starting to look more "baby". It will start to get really cute around 10 weeks! My brother gets married on August 1st and I'll be 10.5 weeks along. I wonder if I'll be showing just a little?

We aren't telling people until I'm showing. (Well, so far three of my close friends at work are the ONLY people who know, besids DH, of course. And the entire internet.)


nancy said...

YAY!!! Congrats!!! 3 pregnancy tickers. You are definitely not from the infertile world, are you? (not meant negatively at all, I promise!) And I agree, the pregnology ticker IS cute.

Look at my comparison pictures ...

You may start showing a tad bit by then. But what if you don't show early? You are just going to wait to tell people, even if it's much longer?

Sarah said...

Not infertile, just have problem keeping beans (besides Andrew, of course). The first one was what I would probably categorize as a chemical pg...the 2nd m/c, I really don't know but I do think the drop in prog. maybe caused it. After all, the placenta doesn't take over until 10-12 weeks, and with those dropping numbers I had, who knows.

I am still probably waiting until I'm showing. Last time I started telling people early, and then regretted it. I felt stupid telling them we had lost the baby because then they were like, "what's wrong with you?", when really, both losses could have been flukes. Others would say, "oh, you're so early". The other part of it is that everything went PERFECT with #1 w/Adnrew, and I waited until 12 weeks. Karma tells me that if I do this again, everything will work out textbook again. I'm a little superstitious like that (but definitely not religious). With #1, it was obvious to others at 17 weeks. I would bet it'll be 12-13 weeks this time since I'm all stretched out.

Sarah said...

Nancy, I was looking at your comparison pics. You are so Type A it's not even funny! I bet you even have it marked where you had to set your camera so it'd be precisely the same angle.... XD